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J.W. Waterhouse


This website is dedicated to the British painter John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

It will contain images, photographs, biographical information, plus the latest news and research.

Waterhouse painted figurative and narrative pictures primarily in the medium of oil. He found inspiration in stories and legends from British literature and Classical mythology.

Artist Overview

  • Nickname: Nino
  • Birthplace: Rome, Italy
  • Honours: Royal Academician (RA, elected 1895)
  • Death: 10th February 1917
  • Burial: Kensal Green Cemetery, London

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  • Restoring Waterhouse's grave

    By the start of the 21st century Waterhouse's grave at Kensal Green Cemetery in north London was in poor condition and the inscription on the headstone was illegible. In 2008 the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery started an appeal to raise funds to restore the grave.

  • Collecting Waterhouse Paintings Today

    Art dealers and Waterhouse's biographer, Peter Trippi, discuss the appeal of Waterhouse to modern day collectors.

  • Artists and Beauty: The Opinion of Eminent Painters

    The sole record of John William Waterhouse's model selection preference is found in a 1907 article, where he chose an artist's model from a set of photos.

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Versions of The Lady of Shalott


Years since the last Waterhouse exhibition


Postcards of The Lady of Shalott (1888) sold at the Tate Gallery in 1998


Copies sold of Peter Trippi's J W Waterhouse biography


The attendance figures for the John William Waterhouse: The Modern Pre-Raphaelite (1849-1917) exhibition in 2009 at the Royal Academy, London