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Pictures created by John William Waterhouse in the 1890s

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    A Roman Offering (c.1890)
    Arranging Flowers (c.1890)
    At Capri (1890)
    Flora (c.1890)
    Study of a Female Figure with Rosary (1890)
    The Orange Gatherers (c.1890)
    Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891)
    Flora (1891)
    Ulysses and the Sirens (1891)
    Circe Invidiosa (1892)
    Danaë (1892)
    The Mermaid (Study) (c.1892)
    The Mermaid (Study) (1892)
    The Merman (c.1892)
    A Hamadryad (1893)
    A Naiad (1893)
    A Naiad (Study) (c.1893)
    Gathering Summer Flowers in a Devonshire Garden (c.1893)
    La Belle Dame Sans Merci (1893)
    La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Study) (c.1893)
    Female Study (1894)
    Field Flowers (1894)
    Mrs. Charles Newton-Robinson (1894)
    Ophelia (1894)
    The Lady of Shallot (study) (c.1894)
    The Lady of Shalott (1894)
    The Lady of Shalott (Study) (c.1894)
    Phyllis, younger daughter of E A Waterlow, Esq (1895)
    St Cecilia (1895)
    The Shrine (1895)
    Head of a Girl (c.1896)
    Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)
    Hylas and the Nymphs - Study of Two Nymphs (c.1896)
    Pandora (1896)
    Mariana in the South (c.1897)
    Mariana in the South (Study) (c.1897)
    Ariadne (1898)
    Flora and the Zephyrs (1898)
    Juliet (1898)