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Pictures created by John William Waterhouse in the 1910s

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    Camellias (c.1910)
    Ophelia (1910)
    Ophelia (Study) (c.1910)
    Portrait of a Girl (c.1910)
    Spring Spreads One Green Lap of Flowers (1910)
    The Rose Bower (c.1910)
    Vanity (c.1910)
    Vanity (c.1910)
    Circe (1911)
    Circe (c.1911)
    Listening to My Sweet Pipings (1911)
    Maidens picking Flowers by a Stream (c.1911)
    Miss Betty Pollock (1911)
    The Charmer (1911)
    The Sorceress (Study) (1911)
    Mrs Charles Schreiber (1912)
    Narcissus (1912)
    Narcissus (Study) (c.1912)
    Penelope and the Suitors (1912)
    Sweet Summer (1912)
    A Song of Springtime (c.1913)
    Roma Catriona Macfarlane (1914)
    The Annunciation (1914)
    The Love Philtre (1914)
    The Love Philtre (Study) (c.1914)
    The Mystic Wood (c.1914)
    Beatrice (Study) (c.1915)
    Dante and Beatrice (c.1915)
    A Tale from the Decameron (1916)
    A Tale from the Decameron (Study) (c.1916)
    Gathering Almond Blossoms (c.1916)
    I am Half-Sick of Shadows, said the Lady of Shalott (1916)
    Lilies, Poppies and Carnations (Study) (c.1916)
    Miranda (1916)
    Miranda - The Tempest (1916)
    The Enchanted Garden (1916)
    Tristan and Isolde with the Potion (1916)
    Tristram and Isolde (1916)
    Fair Rosamund (1917)