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Reminiscences about J.W. Waterhouse

Almost nothing is known of Waterhouse's private life. Gathered here is a selection of mentions and anecdotes discovered by searching old magazines and books.

'A Painter of Pictures' by John Butler Yeats

An excerpt from an article written by John Butler Yeats (1839-1922) who remembered a visit to Waterhouse's studio around 1907. Yeats' article 'A Painter of Pictures' was published in The Freeman, 4th January, 1922.

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Youthful exploits of John Singer Sargent and JW Waterhouse

A recollection of an event experienced by John William Waterhouse and John Singer Sargent when students in Italy together was published in The Gateway magazine in 1907. It recollects a morbid event experienced by the painters John Singer Sargent (Giovanni) and John William Waterhouse (Nino) when they were young art students together in Italy. During a walking tour they painted a portrait of a dying Italian boy on the walls of his home. The source was published in 1907 which would put the date of the event at circa 1882.

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Reminiscences from 'Bridle and Brush' by George Denholm Armour

John William Waterhouse occupied a studio at Primrose Hill Studios, a purpose built artists' community in north London, from 1878 until 1900. His fellow artists included William Logsdail, Maurice Greiffenhagen, and George Denholm Armour (1864-1949). G.D. Armour later wrote about his memories of the community in Bridle and Brush, published in 1937. 

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