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London Times Funeral Notice

On 16th February 1917 the following notice was placed in the London Times.

The funeral of Mr. J. W. Waterhouse, R.A., took place yesterday at Kensal Green Cemetery, after a service at St. Mark's, Hamilton-terrace. Among those present were:-

Sir Edward Poynter, Lady Frampton, Sir James Murray, Dr and Mrs. Alexander Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gow, Mrs. Brodie Henderson and Miss Henderson, Mr. Henry Pegram, Mr. F. M. Fry, Mr. E. Walter, Mr. W. Strang, Mr. F. W. Pomeroy, Mr. E. Bundy, Mr. A. S. Cope, Mr. A. Toft, Mr. Sims, Mr. H. W. Henderson, Mr. L. Calkin, Mr. W. W. Ouless, Mr. B. Riviere, Mr. H. Draper, Mr. Edwin Bale, and Mr. Seymour Lucas.

A full obituary had been placed in the London Times on 12th February 1917.

Obituary Overview

John William Waterhouse died on 10th February 1917 and was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in northwest London. Although by 1917 Waterhouse's work had fallen out of fashion, and the country was in the midst of the Great War, several newspapers covered his death and printed obituaries.

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