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Peter Trippi

Guest Contributor

Peter Trippi has edited Fine Art Connoisseur since 2006. Previously, he directed New York’s Dahesh Museum of Art, which specialized in 19th-century European academic painting and sculpture. Before that, he held senior posts at the Brooklyn Museum and Baltimore Museum of Art.

In 2002, Phaidon Press published Trippi’s monograph J W Waterhouse, which reassesses the Victorian painter best known for his Lady of Shalott at Tate Britain. Trippi went on to co-curate the Waterhouse retrospective that appeared 2008–10 in the Netherlands, England, and Canada. In 2016, Trippi co-curated the exhibition Lawrence Alma-Tadema: At Home in Antiquity, which visited museums in the Netherlands, Austria, and England. His 2021 curatorial projects were the 45-work exhibition Artful Stories: Paintings from Historic New England, in Milton, Massachusetts, and the five-artist show Flora Nova: Painting Nature Now at Sugarlift (New York City).

Trippi is currently president of the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, which supports and raises awareness of the American Institute for Conservation, the country’s leading society of conservation and preservation professionals. Previously he was president of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art and also of Historians of British Art.

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