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A Day's Sport in the Olden Times

Harry Furniss's "caricature of Ulysses and the Sirens for Punch, published two weeks after the painting appeared at Burlington House, confirms its popularity. Here, former prime minister W.E. Gladstone (1809-98), who published on Homer and was the Academy's honorary professor of ancient history, becomes Odysseus, sailing through 'troubled waters' as head of the Liberal opposition. Its warm reception helped Ulysses and the Sirens become Waterhouse's second painting bought directly for a public collection, the National Gallery of Victoria at Melbourne, Australia"

Harry Furniss: the Magic Circle

No. 475. A Day's Sport in the Olden Times
Ancient Mariner regrets that guns are not yet invented,
wishes he'd bought a Bow and Arrow with him.


Source: 'JW Waterhouse', Peter Trippi, Phaidon, 2002, p. 112.

'Ulysses and the Sirens' by John William Waterhouse

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