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"The Magic Circle was satirized in a one-man show of drawings by Harry Furniss, a regular contributor to Punch, which opened to great success at the Gainsborough Gallery in May 1887 and parodied leading artists of the day. However, while many of Furniss's shafts struck home hard, he could do little with the Waterhouse but use a faintly similar composition and a rather tenuous joke based on the artist's name. His drawing, entitled The Magic Circle, or There's Nothing like a Lather by Soap-and-Waterhouse, showed a pig-tailed girl leaning on a wash-tub and gazing upwards at the apparition in a large soap bubble of the head of a pseudo-classical young man."

(from 'The Art and Life of J.W. Waterhouse', Anthony Hobson, Studio Vista/Rizzoli, 1980, p.48)

Reproduction currently unavailable.

Furniss's drawing was reproduced in The Connoisseur, Vol. 183, May-August 1973, page 26 (thanks to  Ken and Cathy Baker for this information).

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