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Caricature of The Primrose Hill School

In 1895 Waterhouse "showed a portrait of Phyllis, [Ernest Waterlow's] younger daughter. A talented landscapist, Waterlow served as president of the Royal Watercolour Society from 1897 to 1913; he and members of his family sat for various friends, including Alma-Tadema and Hacker. Waterlow shared the Waterhouses' studios in 1892-3 during the renovation of his house, an experience commemorated by an unattributed caricature inscribed 'January 1893, Primrose Hill School'.

Waterlow appears in profile at the top, and Waterhouse at centre facing the viewer; in keeping with the title, they and their friends are dressed like children. These artists are sketching a primate; through his career, Waterhouse drew an eagle, falcon, chimpanzees and pigs, yet his beloved doves are surprisingly absent from his sketchbooks. He probably derived at least some expertise in depicting animals from his neighbour Joseph Wolf, who appears in this caricature, and in painting flowers from Esther, whose back is to the viewer."

"Unidentified caricaturist,
'January 1893, Primrose Hill School'

(seated, from right front:
Joseph Wolf, Arthur Hopkins, Esther Waterhouse, J.W. Waterhouse,
Maurice Greiffenhagen, Walter Dendly Sadler, Ernest Waterlow;
Sydney Prior Hall)

Chalk on paper
54.6 x 69.5 cm (21 1/2 x 23 3/8 in)
National Portrait Gallery, London.

Source: 'JW Waterhouse', Peter Trippi, Phaidon, 2002, pp. 144-145.

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