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The Models

Caricatures / Humour

Waterhouse was occasionally caricatured by publications such as 'Punch'. This section gathers together known caricatures.

Contemporary Commentary

"Contemporary Commentary" is an ongoing project which aims to gather together a selection of references to John William Waterhouse which were first published in art journals, newspapers and books during his lifetime (1849-1917), along with private correspondence. The commentary reflects Waterhouse's early success in his chosen career as a painter; his election to membership of the Royal Academy; the reception of many of his paintings by art critics; and the eventual decline in his popularity as the changes in society caused by World War I made his art unfashionable.


  • Letter to Feeney
    The letter featured here, addressed by John William Waterhouse to Feeney, comes from a private collection.
  • Letter to Spielmann
    The letter featured here, addressed by John William Waterhouse to Marion Harry Spielmann (1858-1948), comes from a private collection.
  • Letters to Dollman
    The letters featured here, addressed by John William Waterhouse to presumably John Charles Dollman (1851-1934), come from a private collection.
  • Arts & Craft Tour by chiaroscuro
    Among the prices listed for various tours, you will see the REDUCED rate for the JW Waterhouse Tour to the UK. Peter Trippi will be there, and it will be loads of fun with special features for those attending. An outstanding, tour-of-a-lifetime! Hope to see you there!

Lectures and Symposiums

Literature and Poetry

Lost (and Found)


John William Waterhouse died on 10th February 1917 and was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in northwest London. A selection of obituaries are reproduced here.



  • 'A Painter of Pictures' by Jack Butler Yeats
    An excerpt from an article written by Jack Butler Yeats who remembered a visit to Waterhouse's studio.
  • Painting a Dying Peasant
    A recollection of an event experienced by John William Waterhouse and John Singer Sargent when students in Italy together.
  • Reminiscences from 'Bridle and Brush' by George Denholm Armour
    John William Waterhouse occupied a studio at Primrose Hill Studios, a purpose built artists' community in north London, from 1878 until 1900. His fellow artists included William Logsdail, Maurice Greiffenhagen, and George Denholm Armour (1864-1949). G.D. Armour later wrote about his memories of the community in Bridle and Brush, published in 1937.


  • 10 Hall Road
    John William Waterhouse lived at 10, Hall Road, St John's Wood, north London, from 1900 until his death in 1917.
  • English Heritage Blue Plaque
    On 10th May 2002, a ceremony was held at 10 Hall Road, St John's Wood, London, to unveil an English Heritage Blue Plaque.
  • The Homes of Waterhouse
    John William Waterhouse was born in Rome in 1849. In 1854, he moved back to England with his family

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