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This website is an ongoing personal project by Julia Kerr dedicated to the appreciation of the life and work of the British painter John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

The primary objectives of this website are to:

  • Offer an online archive of Waterhouse's works (paintings, drawings, sketches, studies);
  • Provide biographical information, reproduction of out-of-print articles, along with articles created from original, previously unpublished research;
  • Keep track of newly discovered paintings;
  • Offer news of upcoming art auctions, exhibitions and events;
  • Provide details of new books and scholarly articles;
  • Give pointers on where to view Waterhouse's pictures in person;
  • Provide a message board / forum for Waterhouse related questions.

Contributed Articles

  • The Mysterious Models of John William Waterhouse (Cathy Baker)
  • A Waterhouse Sketch Discovered (Scott Thomas Buckle)
  • Waterhouse Symposium (Scott Thomas Buckle)
  • Waterhouse's Rape of Persephone (Peter Trippi)

Citing this Website

If you're a student, and you need to cite this site please use the following details:

Date created: December 2000
Site Owner / Editor: Julia Kerr
Title of Website: The Art and Life of John William Waterhouse
URL of Website: johnwilliamwaterhouse.com


Works by J.W. Waterhouse are in the public domain. For commercial licensing, please contact Bridgeman Art Library or Art Resource.


The creation of this site would not have been possible without the generous assistance of:

  • Ken and Cathy Baker
  • Scott Thomas Buckle
  • Rob Cartwright
  • Susan Katz
  • Michael Kelley
  • Donald J. Kurtz
  • Andrew Marvick
  • "mischief"
  • Peter Nahum
  • Jim Nordstrom
  • Dr. John Physick
  • Frances Rawnsley
  • Leonard Roberts
  • Peter Trippi
  • ... and many others from around the world.

The site is dedicated to the late Anthony Hobson.


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